Partnering with San Vicente R.C. School located in the Toledo District for Belize, MVNU Enactus has been able to fulfill a need for entrepreneurial advancement. Students at San Vicente sustain a cacao plant arm located on school property. The school has the entrepreneurial vision of raising money to purchase needed school supplies and provide valuable training for students to take with them after they graduate. Previously, the students have been selling the cacao seeds in the form of wet beans. However, we both knew the drying and fermenting the beans would triple the profits from the previous year. In the Spring of 2019, MVNU Enactus advisors connected with Junajpu Chocolate, a business in need of a consistent seller of fermented and dried beans. We became the liaison between the two and are now awaiting the results.   


Practical Finance (PF) seeks to supplement local high school instruction in the area of personal finance. PF creates modules and uses their resources to teach students of all ages the importance of personal finance.


Brandmark provides assistance with marketing and core business concepts to local entrepreneurs in the Mount Vernon community.

Operation Greenhouse

Operation Greenhouse formed a partnership with Whetstone Industries. Whetstone employees approximately 65 individuals with developmental disabilities. Operation Greenhouse wants to help launch the dreams of the staff, to do this we are helping Whetstone create more sustainable sources of income.

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